Israel’s best beaches – surfers, children and the modest

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With 116 miles of Mediterranean coast, no trip to Israel is complete without a visit to the beach. In this “land that’s drenched with sunshine”, Israeli beaches are a great place to take in the sun and cool off in the refreshing and tranquil waters of the Mediterranean Sea.  Where are the best Israeli beaches to visit on your Holy Land vacation? Take your pick!

The five largest cities along the coast, Haifa, Tel-Aviv, Rishon L’tzion, Ashdod and Ashkelon, all offer a wide selection of beaches. In Tel-Aviv alone, for example, there are 13 beaches that are open 5 months every year with life guards. In 2017, the beach season goes from April 27th until October 19th, from 7:15AM until just before sunset. This time of year corresponds with Israel’s dry season that is characterized by crystal blue skies. At most beaches, chairs, umbrerllas and lockers are available to rent at subsidized prices with adjacent bathroom facilities.

Although Israel’s Mediterranean waters are generally calm, several beaches offer wave surfing. Tel-Aviv’s Hilton beach is popular among surfers, where waves occasionally reach as high as 7 feet. On the other hand, many families with young children prefer beaches with wave breakers that create large but shallow knee-deep lakes with small ripples. Hof Ha’sela (Stone Beach) in Bat Yam to the south of Tel-Aviv has consistently been rated as one of the best Israeli beaches for families with young children.  

For those who prefer not swimming in the presence of the opposite sex, there are ten “separate beaches” which are open to either men or women on different days and times. These beaches are separated visually from the surrounding “mixed beaches”.  

Here’s a list of “separate beaches” or “religious beaches” as they’re sometimes called, from north to south.

1) Argeman Beach – Akko

2) The Quiet Beach – Haifa 

3) Hadera Beach – Hadera

4) Tzanz Beach – Netanya 

5) Hertzeliya Beach – Hertzeliyah

6) Sheraton Beach – Tel Aviv

7) Bat Yam Beach – Bat Yam

8) Rishon L’zion Beach – Rishon L’zion

9) Ashdod Beach – Ashdod

10) Ashkelon Beach – Ashkelon

Whether you are travelling independently or as part of a group tour, Israeli beaches are sure to give you a warm welcome! Even if you’re visiting Israel in the cooler winter months, a walk along the beach is a great addition to your itinerary.  

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